Hawaiian decorations ideas. Bathroom decorative

Hawaiian Decorations Ideas

hawaiian decorations ideas

  • (decorate) make more attractive by adding ornament, colour, etc.; "Decorate the room for the party"; "beautify yourself for the special day"

  • Ornamentation

  • (decorate) award a mark of honor, such as a medal, to; "He was decorated for his services in the military"

  • (decorate) deck: be beautiful to look at; "Flowers adorned the tables everywhere"

  • The process or art of decorating or adorning something

  • A thing that serves as an ornament

  • a native or resident of Hawaii

  • A native or inhabitant of Hawaii

  • of or relating to or characteristic of the state or island of Hawaii or to the people or culture or language

  • the Oceanic languages spoken on Hawaii

  • The Austronesian language of Hawaii

  • A thought or suggestion as to a possible course of action

  • (idea) the content of cognition; the main thing you are thinking about; "it was not a good idea"; "the thought never entered my mind"

  • An opinion or belief

  • (idea) mind: your intention; what you intend to do; "he had in mind to see his old teacher"; "the idea of the game is to capture all the pieces"

  • (idea) a personal view; "he has an idea that we don't like him"

  • A concept or mental impression

hawaiian decorations ideas - Hawai'i: A

Hawai'i: A Sense Of Place: Island Interior Design

Hawai'i: A Sense Of Place: Island Interior Design

Hawaii, A Sense of Place: Island Interior Design shows the development of home design in the islands as it incorporates the influences of a balmy climate, lush natural environment and richly diverse cultures. Its style is based on ease and informality, love of family and genuine warmth and that special brand of hospitality called A“aloha.A” Mary Philpotts McGrath has teamed with lifestyle writer, Kaui Philpotts, San Francisco-based photographer David Duncan Livingston, graphic designer Cindy Turner of Turner and de Vries, the Bernice P. Bishop Museum and Martin & MacArthur Enterprises Ltd., to create a stunning 236 page book with over 300 full-color photographs. For collectors and aficionados the world over, Hawaii, A Sense of Place will entice the senses and feed the desire to live in an Island-inspired home. For those about to create their own environments, here is a source book to help with getting it right.

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The last two days of fun and experimenting

The last two days of fun and experimenting

just testing out a few Ideas with twisted bands .
The Turquoise ring has a 16 gauge square wire twisted to form the central portion of the band and the decoration around the bezel .

The B/W agate has 18 gauge round wire twisted then run through a 16 gauge mill to dome the top and flatten the back , Then soldered to a flat sheet with 2 18 gauge wire square on the sides I flared one side wider on the wire side to see what it would look like and I really don't like uniformity in design as a rule .

The Fire agate has a 18 gauge square wire that twist then run through a 14 gauge mill . bordered with two sections of pattern wire and soldered to a 20 gauge flat sheet then the open section of the tiki were textured with a rivet set punch then the Tiki of Kane was soldered over it Then bent over a ring mandrel and reheated to remove stress . The decoration around the stone were created with 18 gauge square wire and heated balls of silver that were made uniform by placing on an anvil and striking with a rivet set punch to make the top round and the back flat .

Hawaiian Garden Spider (Argiope appensa) Female DDZ 0053

Hawaiian Garden Spider (Argiope appensa) Female DDZ 0053

The Hawaiian Garden Spider (common name) or Argiope appensa occurs on several islands in the Western Pacific Ocean including Hawaii, where it was introduced. This female was photographed near Keahou Bay on the Kona coast of the Big Island of Hawaii. Males of the species are brown and much smaller (body length 2 cm versus 7 cm for females). There is no scientific concensus on the role of web decorations, or stabilimenta, such as the X-shaped feature seen here. Originally they were thought to stabilize the web (hence the term), but this idea has been dismissed. They might camouflage the spider or make it appear larger to predators. Another hypothesis is that stabilimenta attract males to the web when the female is ready to reproduce.

hawaiian decorations ideas

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